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prostituee le mans Who Finds the Humor in it now?
by rencontre musicale des graves at 6/14/2017 3:43:03 PM

In light of the horrible events that unfolded in Virginia this morning, how funny are Kathy Griffin and the Julius Caesar play now? When will enough be enough already?


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6/14/2017 4:03:38 PM

you should see what they are posting in CE&P today. They are refusing to accept responsability.

dans la vie on rencontre des gens
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6/14/2017 4:14:19 PM

@ KP don't you know that it was eather bush,trump,or the rich people's fault. or maybe even the mean horrible evil gun's fault it had nothing to do with the fact that this guy (the shooter) was a volunteer for the Bernie Sanders campaign. Or the fact that he had a violent criminal history/past (arrest for battery, resisting arrest, and DUI) he was a hard core democratic. All of the public shootings that I have looked up in the past 8 yr have been done by democrat's and most of them have advocated for gun control. it showes a clear pattern that maybe Democrat's might not be allowed to have guns And in the land in fruits and nuts CA. A nut job UPS worker shot and killed 3 other before killing him self. CA has some of the strictest gun laws in the country and so does DC.and Virginia they suck for the law abiding citizen trying to own a gun. Yet again gun control and gun free zones didn't help the good people one bit. wake up America

prostituée signification
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6/14/2017 4:46:28 PM

There is none. Limbaugh pointed out yesterday, that the hate spewing media was going to incite some violence, somewhere. Well, it happened. Steve Scalise, because he's on the armed services committee, has security with him. Had it not been for them, it would have been an ambush, with several congressmen being shot. According to the shooter's facebook page, he was an avid Trump hater. He apparently could recite, by page and verse, EVERYTHING that CNN was broadcasting, as news. From what I had heard, CNN laid low today, not saying much about the incident, but stuck to their Trump hating ways.

rencontre luthiers saint chartier
6/14/2017 4:52:17 PM

Everything is always the Republicans fault. He asked someone at the field if they were Republicans. Never mind the fact that all of their shirts had Republicans across the front. And yes mayhem can erupt anywhere. I live in Chicago. There are mass killings every weekend. But these are usually localized to the gangs and drug dealers. Innocent people do, however, get caught in the middle. It does appear that he was very anti Trump and anti Republican by things they found of his posted on Facebook. Illinois also has very strict gun laws but one former gang banger had said that guns were as easy to find as candy in Chicago. It is a shame for the law abiding citizens.

rencontre 67
6/14/2017 4:54:45 PM

I'm not surprised purple. Hate can only fester for so long. Maybe mainstream media will wake up as well and report fairly from both sides instead of going for the jugular all of the time.

rencontre maman nantes
6/14/2017 5:34:22 PM

Kathy just took an early retirement plan. She will have a lot of time on her hands right about now. Hopefully, to meditate and reflect inwards upon herself.....

agence de rencontre haut de gamme montreal
6/14/2017 5:45:10 PM

Kathy made a really bad judgment call. It was horrible joke, but I know this wasn't how she had hoped it would turn.I don't believe for one second she was seriously meaning harm. She just has a very raw sense if humor. You know Trump has said and done some disturbing things himself. We are all humans. We all make mistakes, and some of us just make bigger ones then others. Nothing we can do about their mistakes, we can accountable for ourselves and the things we do.

meet saint martin
6/14/2017 5:47:04 PM

It is sad that people have so much hate towards are new President. And the media has a lot to do with it. I hope they ad a lot more security for the President and the Republican party.

historique des rencontres barca-real
6/14/2017 6:07:18 PM

Yes she made some wrong choices - as we all have. The difference is being she's in the public with, I'm sure, millions of fans. If just your average Joe was walking down the street with a fake Trump head, I think people would just chalk it up to a weirdo and nothing would come of it. Who knows how many are influenced by what she does or says? Mix that with someone with a little mental instability and who knows what can happen. Nope we can't change others' mistakes or actions. We can only do what's right for ourselves and our own inner accountability. Yes justa it is sad that the hatred has hit such levels. And I'm glad they're going through with the game tomorrow.

rencontre une femme madagascar
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6/14/2017 6:15:02 PM

sorry resolving, but she is on tape saying that she was going to attack Barron Trump! I would not trust that scumbag a even 1 second.

recherche rencontre amoureuse
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6/14/2017 6:35:13 PM

Silly you know that when a lib. does something bad or even horrible is all a big mistake or a bad joke. can you imagine if a white conservative Republican would have cut a monkey head off and showed it like that. I can remember a bigger stink and more coverage when some dumb a** killed a lion on a paid hunting trip.

rencontre apres divorce
6/14/2017 7:14:51 PM

@Kp...yes, but she a known comedian. Anyone would be influenced by her bad humor is saying more about their character then hers. If someone says they influenced by public figure to so something is basically people not wanting to be accountable for their selves. People are still only accountable fr [email protected]

beau sms rencontre
6/14/2017 7:25:14 PM

After this incident if I was a Republic in ANY office I wouldn't leave the house unarmed. Bad enough we have to deal with Muslim extremists...Now Democrat extremists?

rencontre des djiboutien
6/14/2017 9:07:57 PM

I agree resolv but the point is not everyone holds themselves accountable for their actions. And sometimes all it takes is a little nudge to push them in the wrong direction. Pawkey, after this election, I would hope they're all carrying

loire rencontre
6/14/2017 9:14:29 PM

KP, so very sad isn't it? I was so upset. Congressman DeSantis is one of my favorites, an ex Navy guy and true blue. He was the one that left early from practice to beat the traffic and that nut case asked him what the party affiliation was. DeSantis looked at his friend and thought that was weird. Then he heard the shooting on the radio and looked at his friend and said, "IT's him". Sure enough. Now what DeSantis asked to day on the radio was, "How did that shooter from Illinois, know there was that practice game in Virginia. HOW?" It is a big charity that has made over ^600,000 in the past and they still will play tomorrow, but, HOW did this guy know the practice field?

rencontre internationale des jeunes pianistes
6/14/2017 9:16:33 PM

Remember Michael Richards, Kramer of Seinfeld making racial jokes, he's been blackballed since. Mel Gibson with his remarks to Jews... he's getting his groove back. So imo Kathy Griffin has to pay her dues. Yes, b4 you act you're accountable for your actions.., bottom line

rencontre vanessa paradis johnny
6/14/2017 9:18:04 PM

Hell, Bill Cosby's sins are catching up to him after all these years, that old goat is 78 now.

www.winoo rencontre
6/14/2017 9:27:13 PM

Cafe - The news earlier had said that in the Washington area there were numerous news stories about the upcoming game. They probably had interviewed both Democrats and Republicans and more than likely at the practice field. The shooter was from Illinois but had been in the VA area for a few months according to his wife.

site de rencontre vaucouleurs
6/14/2017 9:27:27 PM

This has gone too far now. There will be repercussions from now on. I bet the FBI takes harder looks at people they normally blow off like nutty Madonna and the gals on the VIEW. Kathy Griffin and Couter, Maher, and so on. Oh yeah, sheets going to hit the fan now. Inciting riots and I hope George Soros goes first. These jacks are still tweeting about "5 down and 216 more to go" and "I hope Trump is next" and it is not going well for those people now. Something wrong with people to let their emotions go so far to do physical harm and even kill. Very unstable these lefties. I think ISIS fits this group, very unstable and emotionally out of control.

rencontre enduro
6/14/2017 9:34:54 PM

I think it would have been a whole different story had it been against the Democrats and or Obama or Hillary. It wouldn't have gone on as long as it has now. It is sad.

rencontre femmes illkirch graffenstaden
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6/14/2017 9:59:20 PM

I hope that this don't turn into civil war it will not turn out well.

rencontre brel saint pierre
6/15/2017 1:54:36 AM

This is true KP, the SS needs to get on it better and stop this crap and the investigations should focus on these threats instead of that bogus Russian crap.
rencontre omaximum

6/15/2017 11:52:59 AM

Don't forget 19 were shot and several died in the attack on Gabby Giffords!!!

réussir ses rencontre
6/15/2017 3:10:58 PM

But falcon - wasn't that guy fixated on her? He had met her previously at a school and she didn't answer his question the way he wanted her to. He was also registered as an Independent not that that means anything. I think he was just a nut in general. The FBI records also indicate that Loughner may have met Giffords while he was in high school several years before the shooting. One person interviewed by agents said Giffords came to the school to talk to students, and that Loughner asked her, "If words could not be understood, then what does government mean?" "Giffords could not answer the question the way Loughner liked, and it blew his mind that she not could not answer his question," the FBI wrote, according to the witness.

rencontre gens du milieu rural
6/15/2017 10:23:47 PM

Falcon need his head checked for marbles where brains should be. Geesh. Did you hear Biden call out Trump? Saying he would like to take him behind the high school and beat his azz? Now, where is the uproar over that unprofessional behavior and inciting violence.

club rencontre indre
6/15/2017 10:58:04 PM

Heck there's nasty rhetoric here on the blogs. It's a shame that people have to be so evil.

rencontre chatelaillon
6/17/2017 4:42:52 AM

So sickening the response from the deep left. Hashtag HuntRepublicans!?!?!?! Huffington Post advocating violence against Trump and his supporters.... even assassination. Suppression of free speech on college campuses. Talk about Nazi playbook... it is mirroring the radical Left's playbook.

le petit prince antoine de saint exupéry première rencontre il y a six ans
6/20/2017 5:58:43 PM