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Thank You again everyone ! There is another Sucess Story here which needs to be told .

When Judge and I first started getting to know each other here we had both just started healing from failed relationships so we were both pretty cautious. Then Judge got some really bad news from his Dr., He had prostate cancer . We had been messaging each other fairly often ,sometimes flirting , other times more serious discussions of life and what we hoped the future held for us , sometimes just BS . After getting the diagnosis Judge was in shock to put it mildly . He got very honest with me and said with this new issue he didn't think he was anyone who was dateable let alone LTR material . A normal reaction but one which was way off base .

Prostate Cancer is something EVERY MAN over 55 needs to be concerned about . Early detection is imperative !

After recieveing Judge's Message concerning his illness I went online and did alot of research . I had an idea that Prostate Cancer was completely curable if it was detected early enough and I was right .

The research also gave me some very valuable insight into how men viewed this disease . Many are too shocked at first to do the needed reading , so they assume that Prostate Cancer means the end of thier sex life Forever ! This was true years ago as far as getting an erection for most men along with so much nerve damage it was hard to have an orgasm without pain . Here's a little fact I learned btw Guys you can have a Great Orgasm without ejaculating !

Now in 2009 so many advances have been made in micro-surgery that as long as the cancer has not spread outside of the prostate gland the gland can be removed and you can be cured . Even if it has spread radiation treatment can effectivly slow most of this type cancer down that you will most likely die of some other medical issue years from the time you were diagnosed . This is true in a good number of cases . Thats why Early Detection is Imperative . A good Dr is also imperative so do the research and find the best one in your area . Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions and switch Dr.s if you are not comfortable with the first ,second or even third one you see . Just don't put it off for long as the longer you wait to get treatment the longer it will take for you to heal .

It is a fact that once you have had Prostate Surgery there will be secondary issues . There are incontinence issues which will last anywhere from 6 months to a year . Judge was particularly upset with this so it is also important to make sure if you are in a relationship your partner gets all the info you do . This way when you get fustrated by your progress she can reassure you that This Too Will Pass . This is also true as far as achieveing first an orgasm ( yes you can still have one of those , just now there's no sperm ) and later an erection . Its very individual as to how long it will take the nerve damage to heal ( depending on how sucessful the Dr was in keeping it to a minimum ) and it is very fustrating also . If you have ever had or ever known anyone with a pinched nerve you know they take at least a year to fully heal in the majority of cases . Same thing with any irritation to the nerves around the area where the surgery was . Yes you can enjoy an orgasm as little as 3 months after the surgery but it won't begin to be the same for bare minimum 6 months and most cases take 12 to 18 months for everything to return to normal . The really good news there is if things do not return to normal , there are treatments available after the fact such as Viagra , corrective surgeries to reroute nerve endings and a few more best explained by a Dr not me .

Anyhow I am THRILLED to say we saw Dr. Joel Nelson of Shadyside Hospital in Pittsburgh PA last week and Judge is now considered CANCER FREE as his PSA Readings (thats what showed in the blood tests that cancer was present in his prostate ) were undetectable .

I am also THRILLED BEYOND Words ( He's gonna KILL ME for saying this LOL )to tell everyone reading this OUR SEX LIFE is back on track in every aspect !!!

So Gentlemen if this becomes something that is affecting you LIFE & A GREAT SEX LIFE are not over . You are not undateable or undesirable as a partner and any woman who is unwilling to continue a relationship due to this alone wasn't the one for you to begin with !

Same thing Ladies , this is not a reason to not get involved with someone . Just understand there will be support needed and also alot of patience ( we know how guys are when they get sick and this is a huge issue for them ) . Getting the basic info for yourself is important so you can also understand what he will be going through and deal with him appropriately . Sometimes your attitude can determine how well he handles things . A "Relax guy I'm not a teenager either "can do alot to reassure him while he is getting back to normal .

I hope my being this open and honest about our lives will be of some help to others . I'm just very Thankful Judge is cured and I was able to talk him into dating me despite this set back in his life . I have my Happy Ending and wish the same for ALL here on DH !

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i just saw this and am ssooo happy for you my friends....
You Both Rock......
May God Bless Your Union Always...

love ya and hugs from your friend Lee...

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! THAT IS SO EXCITING. God Bless you both. Two dozen roses for you....


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And who says dreams don't come trueBest Wishes

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Thanks again to all the wonderful folks who have wished us well ! I feel a bit put out since febuary has no 30th day so I guess we will skip the 4 month anniversery of the wedding celebration and start our 3rd date LOL

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wHERE THERE IS GREAT LOVE THER ARE MIRACLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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