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It was with great amazement and amusement that (Christinskyblue) and I (Andy4Ring) found each other while perusing the profiles we came across here on Datehookup. We share the same old story as most people looking for love in all the wrong places . You know, the boring one night stands, the lies, the loose skin, being constantly stood up, grossly overweight blind dates, the misrepresentations, etc., etc.

However, in our case, we truly found a soulful connection where we really understand one another on almost every level, to the point where we are virtually inseparable like conjoined twins . We sometimes finish each others sentences, we love each others sense of humor, how we laugh, coo, wipe the drool of each others mouths. We are just trying to say that we are crazy about each other and we've only known each other for a month and a half.

Individually, we had doubts about the existence of another that can be so compatible with oneself but it is very possible but difficult to find. So we owe Datehookup a salute because they provide a forum in which people looking for a serious or not so serious relationship can meet and that is fantastic!

For all you other dopes out there on the verge of giving up, don't get frustrated ...just give it time, be honest about who you are and what your looking for and you will find your other half .

Good Luck & Keep Cool

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way to go!