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I wasn't looking for anyone when this fellow and I began communicating. He made me laugh like no one else have ever done. He's witty, funny, great spirit, great soul. He stole my heart! I traveled to his state to see if what we had on the phone and on emails transcended to real life. It DID!!!! We began a long distance relationship with plans for me to relocate there while going back and for whenever possible. We talked for hours on end every single day! We laughed all the time, finished each other sentences, had so much in common, agreed about almost everything. And the sex was wonderful. We were very thankful to DH when all hell broke loose. DH became a problem for us. We spent a month and a half fighting - arguing constantly. I was jealous, he, who claims to not be jealous, was acting like a jealous person. He ended up closing his profile - against my wishes - so as to eliminate the source of our problems. DH was a blessing and a curse all at the same time. We lost all that wonderful connection we had. Now were are working on repairing the damage and go back to what we had since the love is still there on both sides. Next month would be 1 year since we met and in November, we would be celebrating our 1st anniversary. I adore him.

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Every relationship will have its problems. The only thing that matters is how you handle the problems. I'm glad y'all are taking the time to work things out because love is worth it!

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thats so crzy bcuz me and my wife are exactly like this

i adore this woman to all lengths and i cnt believe that i found her through this site bcuz i jus liked the entertainment

but we have our issues over this site bcuz there are elements to this site that would make any1 suspicious

i plan on deleting wen we are comfortable enough to tlk about it

im sorry to all my friends on here but no1 is worth the love i have with my wife

the feelings i have are real and love is a priority to me

not just a gift

i hope you two can come to an understanding about this

you both know the love is so much more worth it