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I found the perfect girl on date hook up and aint been on since she asked me to cancel it so I don't need it any more any way so yall really can find true love here I think she is the one for me only after 2 days we said we loved each other and not a min goes by she aint on my mind I love her to death and would already do any thing for her so I've seen her every day so far and every time I do c her she give me goose bumps really guys don't say that lol but she got my head spining mind wondering and heart tied up so so long I found the one I want to call mine

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you said you loved each other after 2 days? why did you wait so long?

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Thanx I found her

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Quote from virgoslim84:
Thanx I found her

was she hiding at her ex's place?

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You guys are evil
Leave the poor guy alone, he's in love lol

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I hope she has better Grammar, Who will help the kids with their homework.